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PamQuinnPamela Joe Quinn, eRYT500
I have been a yoga teacher in Great Falls for the last 15 years. I have also been certified as a yoga therapist through the IYT Joseph LePage program for 5 years. I am certified to work with people who have cancer, heart disease, M.S., depression, and anxiety. I have a Montana massage therapy license and through these practices, combine my knowledge to help others empower themselves to be a part of their healing. I have a special passion through the traditional practices of yoga for working with people to uncover their own place of peace and healing. I teach a variety of yoga classes and schedule private individual therapeutic work at my studio, Yoga for Wellness. I am focusing on the advancement and creation of new innovative programs.

IMG_9045Barb Walden, RYT200
My yoga teacher journey began with my completion of Nancy Ruby’s Yogamotion Teacher Training; completing the 200 hour program in June 2012. I’ve practiced yoga on & off for the last 25 years. However; I knew there was more to yoga beyond weekly classes or DVD’s. It felt like the right path to enroll in the teacher training. Yoga has given me the means to know myself more deeply on the inside and the out. I love to share what I learn and bring a lightness & humor to my classes. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist; graduating from Big Sky Somatic Institute in July of 2005.  Asian Healing Arts classes have allowed me to learn more about the energy of who we all are. My yoga path has taught me that yoga can be integrated into everyone’s life. I’m excited to blend massage therapy and yoga to help bring awareness of the connection between mind, body & spirit. I enjoy witnessing miracles in the garden, biking The Rivers Edge Trail, walking, and practicing yoga outside. “Science of Mind” words inspire me, as do the cats I live I live with. “There are so many gifts still left unopened from your birthday.” -Rumi

Ivet Head ShotIvet Euhus, Ytt 200
Hi everyone, I am Ivet. Mindfulness has always been a purposeful goal in my life since I could remember. This is mainly because coming to this country at a young age I had to be very attentive and always a student. I thank my mother and father for cultivating this mindfulness in my life.

I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years now. I had practiced yoga on and off for a bit until I found a deep appreciation for my practice. I walked into a Bikram studio in Virginia and felt for the first time the healing properties of yoga for my body as well as the necessity of listening to my body. Then I discovered the joy and peace of Yoga for my mind at a FireFly studio in Alabama. Later I discovered Ashtanga yoga, my personal practice that ties in all of these experiences for me.

In these moments of exploring my yoga practice I began to experience the benefits of yoga in my physical body, spirit, mind, and relationships. I expect to be a student all of my life and I believe in teaching from an overflow of my own practice and knowledge. I want to share all the gifts I have been given with others.

I went through an incredible training school at 3B Yoga in Albuquerque, NM with Wendy Kiess and some other incredible women. I love God and yoga. I believe yoga serves all people.

200 hr YTT certified.

Wendy Whitehorn, RYT200
Yoga has been part of my life for more than 20 years.  I took my first class at a time of my life when I needed stability, clarity, and focus, and ever since then I have relied on my yoga practice to help keep me healthy in mind, body and spirit. Pam has been my teacher and inspiration for many years, and, because yoga has been such an integral part of my life, I decided I wanted to share yoga’s benefits with others.  In 2015, I graduated from Nancy Ruby’s YogaMotion teacher training and have been teaching since then. My favorite place to practice is on the deck of my house on my small farm with my wonderful animal companions nearby and Mother Nature surrounding me … although sunset yoga on the beach at Yachats, Oregon was pretty spectacular, too. That’s the great thing about yoga, you don’t need a gym or even a mat to practice!

Dana DelGuerra, LCPC, RYT300

I teach the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga combined with the dynamic and creative flow of Vinyasa Yoga. It can take a lifetime to find oneself, but it only takes one moment to decide to make a change-to be fully you and find your way back to your soul. Come with me on your journey.

Graduate of Yoga Psychology Program 2018, Yoga, Psyche, Soul /Vinyasa and Rasa Yoga.

Graduate of YogaMotion 2016, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga.

Mary Papoulis
The Nia Technique is a holistic practice of moving to music for self healing and increased sensory awareness. Nia incorporates the philosophies and disciplines of martial, dance, and healing arts into a full body fitness workout for all body types. Nia is done bare-foot or in indoor shoes to meet the comfort and health needs of the individual.

Mary Papoulis has been teaching Nia classes at the Yoga for Wellness Studio since its inception in 2011. Mary is a certified Blue Belt Nia teacher.  Nia is a livelihood practice that she believes can tap into everyone’s need to express and move.
She believes the world becomes a happier place with each person who explores their ability to find true Joy of Movement every day! Mary combines her passion for movement and music in her teaching. She is the concertmaster of the Great Falls Symphony and violinist with the Cascade String Quartet.

Yoga for Wellness
220 6th Street South
Great Falls, MT 59405

406-452-YOGA (9642)


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