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Yoga Classes and Therapeutic Sessions for Integrative Wellness

A Community Space

At Yoga for Wellness, we are committed to offering a safe, supported space for developing a Yoga practice that enhances personal wellness. From a variety of weekly classes, to introductory series, to one-on-one Yoga Therapy, there is something for every BODY. Welcome, and Namaste`.

Yoga For Wellness UPDATE!!!

Monday March 16, 2020

Due to coronavirus in this country, I feel it is necessary to close the studio now as a preventative measure. All classes will be cancelled until further notice. I will reassess the situation April 1st. Please check the website for updates concerning classes. If you have questions, please call me at 406-799-3557.

Let’s all do our part in taking steps without fear to support our health by reducing stress and taking care of each other. This is a good time to continue your yoga practice at home in taking care of body, mind, and spirit.          This too shall pass……         Pam                

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