Yoga Kid’s Camp

Watch for another camp coming in 2022!

This 2-day camp will integrate Yoga, art, and teepee time to create a graceful transition from school time to summer time for your kids, grandkids, or other special little people in your life.

Like adults, kids are becoming increasingly more susceptible to feeling the effects of stress and anxiety. This camp will provide an outlet help youngsters know their emotions, to feel them- then let them go.

Yoga will allow us to use the body as a vessel for understanding emotions, and the express them through movement, poses, and “animal Yoga”.

Art projects allow the kids to visually express what they might be feeling inside that might be difficult to put into words.

Time in the tipi will include breathwork for relaxation, storytelling and music-making.

The cost includes all art supplies and a snack.

Please register by calling Pam @ 406-799-3557.

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