What Matters Now 4-2-20

What Matters Now

Namaste to you all!

My spirit is good and I hope yours is strong and supporting you in yet another week of all the unknown around us. Shelter in place… to be home. My reaction to this was a sigh, as surrender and relief came over me. For me this has been a time to rest, to go inward to be with the emotions about what is happening and to process them. I’m giving a little more tender loving care to myself. 

So if I just become still to stop the doing and be with being, I notice the natural resistance that is there. I accept it and let it be. I’ve brought the word PRACTICE into my consciousness. What does “my practice” mean? Practicing to pause, whether it is my breath, my reactions to others, my thoughts or my words. I become still and I detach from what is in the mind. This leads me back home to myself.

As I watch what happens in the world around us, sometimes it makes me feel anxious, fearful, and judgemental. I pause with what I am feeling and simply recognize that the flow of my life has been interrupted. This interruption has moved me away from what I know inside myself. This unique opportunity is a time to find strength, compassion, courage and love for myself. I can say to fear: you are not real. I can speak and act from a place of love rather than fear.

Connection to the media, whether it be radio, television or the internet, can be great outlets to keep us informed. But, if we’re not careful they will pull us out of awareness and take us into the cycle of suffering. So, we can make the choice to come back to the stories that raise our vibration and support us. We can choose to let go of the stories that spiral us to suffering.

This is a time where we can all choose to play in Mother Nature. Let’s all go to Mother Nature and ask for her support. We can feel the sun on our face, hear the wind, walk in her beauty, watch the geese and talk to the squirrels. 

If we’re sheltering in our homes and nature isn’t calling to us, we need to crawl to our yoga mat. We need to trust the body’s wisdom- it will tell us what to do. Let our asana practice help us feel the life force that is within us, bringing awareness to keep us in the now. As we move through this upheaval in our world, let shelter in place be the start of reflection. Let’s change the things we can and let go of the worry about the things we can’t change.

We all want to change the world and what is happening right now. We know that accepting ourselves just as we are in this moment is how we will begin to change the world. We can only give what we have. So, I give you comfort from the thoughts that are deep in my heart. Blessings to you all! 



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