2023 Ayurveda Classes

Come join Pamela Quinn in a 4-week Ayurveda study to better “know thyself.”

Using this ancient medical healing system, I will guide you in how to understand your own unique mind and body type, your stress triggers, and what to do when you are out of balance. Our lifestyles largely reflect choices that create stress, exhaustion, and a lack of connection with our body.
With Ayurveda, “prevention” is the name of the game. 

We will learn how untreated stress keeps us in a cycle of disease and illness. The science of Ayurveda will help you stay healthy through the cycle of seasons and throughout the cycle of life. 

Our yoga practice is more complete when we “Know Thyself” through the science of Ayurveda.

$115 workshop fee includes the book A Little Bit of Ayurveda by Deacon Carpenter and a tongue scraper. 

Space is limited. Call Pam today with any questions and to register.


Class Description
Each weekly class includes yoga practice

WEEK 1: April 17

* Introduction to the science of Ayurveda* Knowing your basic constitution (Prakruti) and Imbalance (Vikruti)

WEEK 2: April 24

* Understanding the Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and the 5 elements that create them

* The Doshas and their seasons

WEEK 3: May 1

* Understanding the root of our health through the six stages of digestion, metabolism, and waste management

WEEK 4: May 8

* Balancing your Dosha through diet and your yoga practice as the seasons change.



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