What Matters Now 3-23-20

What Matters Now

Namaste everyone! I am missing you all. As I come to the studio, I feel the presence of each one of you with me. The floor is one of silence, but your spirit, your heart, are here. You are the ones that create Yoga for Wellness Studio, a place of spirit, joy, peace, clarity, compassion, tears and laughter. All of these give us the courage to grow, to change, and to connect with each other. What matters to me is that we are in this journey of healing and evolving together.

Ask yourself as you look inward to find that moment of solitude, that moment of detachment- what matters now?

I have found that loving myself and loving others unconditionally brings peace and strength back into my presence. When times are tough only through love can I overcome the hard times through peace. In these times I need to be gentle with myself, allow myself to hear the silence deep within. When my mind is quiet I stay in my power.

In the presence of fear, we need to acknowledge it, be with it, and set it free. Fear is just an emotion that is passing through. Let this mantra be with you:

I am feeling fear and I AM OK.

By repeating this mantra (saying it out loud) we release the power of the emotion bringing us back into a balanced place. Changing the vibration of what we feel, quiets the mind and brings us back to ourselves.

What matters now is being in the present moment and choosing to give and receive kindness, joy, laughter, and compassion. So, what fills your heart at the studio- let that vibration be with you now.



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