Restorative Yoga

“Easy Does It”
This class focuses on restoration of the mind, heart and body. Rest, renew and restore. The practice moves through a variety of postures, breathwork and imagery to achieve deep relaxation and restore balance within your body.

Begin to wind down your week with gentle supported postures. Restorative yoga relieves stress by gentle movement of the spine in all directions, inverted poses, calming of the nervous system, and gentle stimulation of the organs. Class will consist of 4-6 easy poses; resting for 5 minutes or more supported by bolsters, blocks, and lots of blankets. No experience needed; just a desire to rest, relax, let go and just be.

Gentle Flow with Nidra is a reenergizing pause in the middle of your week to reflect and recharge. Ease into your body with slow, gentle movements that awaken your spirit as you release and let go. Then, experience peace and discover wisdom through the guided meditative practice of yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, that restores balance to your body, spirit, and mind.

Intro to Yoga
This class covers fundamentals of body alignment through basic yoga poses that increase strength and flexibility. Breath awareness, imagery and deep relaxation will complete this class as you take the first step in the journey of yoga. *6-Week course, call for starting dates.

Nia Dance
Nia is a self-healing practice of body and soul through the joy of movement. Nia combines martial arts, dance and healing arts into a fun, full-body workout for all ages and abilities. Through Nia one develops a sensory awareness that awakens the physical, mental and emotional body to dance through life.*6-Week course, call for starting dates, $60.00

Strength and Alignment
Through a mix of movement and pause, this form emphasizes functional form and will help you build poses that are strong and integrated. All levels welcome
Strengthening the Warrior Within
Feel grace and fluidity in this yoga system that builds strength, endurance and discipline through static muscular contractions and weight bearing work. Power vinyasa yoga uses breath, bandhas and gaze to open and cleanse the mind and body. This class is a deep exploration of asana and understanding of the body.

Community Education Night
Join us on (usually) the 1st Wednesday of the month for a heart-centered gathering to build wisdom. Themes and topics will vary, bringing in local speakers and practitioners to build our wellness toolkit. Class is by donation, and support for future programming is much appreciated.

Yoga for MS and Limited Physical Abilities
Yoga is recognized as an excellent means of Multiple Sclerosis and Limited Physical Ability management. This class is designed to educate and empower you to become more at ease with yourself as you embrace your condition. Another benefit of this class is the management of stress, bringing each person an overall feeling of well-being.

Yoga for Veterans
Yoga is recognized as an excellent means for all to revive your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, by using the traditional practices. This class is designed to educate and empower you to be a part of your own healing, as well as becoming more at ease with yourself.

Call Yoga for Wellness at 406-452-YOGA (9642) for starting dates.

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