Community Education Night

On the second Wednesday of each month, the 530pm class is devoted to sharing and learning. Community Education varies by subject and presenter, but the focus of each class is on fostering wellness, connection, and an empowered community.

Class is by donation, and proceeds go toward continuing this offering.

Dāna, generosity, and support for continued teaching is greatly appreciated.

May 8, 530-630pm- iRest Integrative Restoration- Yoga Nidra

Community Education Night for the month of May is an introduction to the principles of iRest and guided meditation. Class is by donation, and dana, or generosity for continued support, is grealty appreciated.

“iRest is both a technique of relaxation as well as a method that reveals our innate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being across all dimensions of our body and mind, as well as evokes spiritual enlightenment or Self-realization. It blends together practices of deep relaxation, breathing, one-pointed concentration, emotional and cognitive healing, dis-identifications with objects, and meditative inquiry that allows us to recognize our inherent ground of Being. When assembled together, these constitute a potent method of meditation that teaches a comprehensive approach to stress reduction as well as spiritual awakening. “ Richard Miller, Buddhist scholar, clinical psychologist, founder of iRest Yoga Nidra

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